What to Do If Your Man Is Pulling Away


There is nothing more annoying than when you are in a situation with a guy and everything has started to fall apart. Maybe it feels like he’s emotionally pulling away. Maybe you are in a relationship and things were amazing at first… but now your relationship feels like a nightmare and you constantly feel like it is on the verge of disaster.

The good news is… there is a way to fix the situation (or at least make it so that if your relationship is salvageable, you will give yourself the best shot of fixing it.) It is possible that your relationship might not end up being salvageable, but if there is any shot these strategies will help.

Do Not Worry About It

If you fixate on the fact that he is pulling away, what ends up happening? All that happens when you fixate is you end up being in a really bad mood. You get anxious, frustrated and endlessly try to figure out what he is thinking, what he is doing and what is going to end up happening in your relationship. If you fixate on what is going to happen, you end up giving off a negative vibe. This negative vibe you give off is going to make him emotionally withdraw even more.

Worrying is not going to help you. Instead of worrying, drop this mindset completely. Focus on the good things about your relationship. Focus on being in a happy place in your own life, because this will translate onto him. He will feel that you are happier and this will make him more likely to be around you.

This brings me to the next point.

Manage Your Mood

Your mood is extremely important when it comes to your attractiveness. If you are always in a bad mood, it is going to make it impossible for you guys to spend a good time together. And if you can’t have a good time with each other, he’ll turn into an ex boyfriend you want back sooner rather than later. If you focus on the quality of the time you spend together and try to stay in as good of a mood as possible, you will end up giving your relationship the best shot of succeeding.

Let Go Of The Past

Maybe something happened in the relationship that caused you to feel like you do not trust him as much or like your bond is broken. If your bond is broken, you might feel guarded or like you are constantly upset with him. It is going to give your relationship the best shot of succeeding if you can truly have a “fresh start.”

Having a fresh start is going to be the best way to try and fix your relationship. If you do not trust him, for example, truly make the decision to try to trust him unless he gives you a reason not to. And if he has given you a reason not to trust him, then either make the decision to forgive him or not. If you decide you cannot forgive him, then it might be best to move on from this relationship.

The truth is… sometimes a relationship is not possible to save. It is possible that you are not a good match or maybe things were once good but are no longer that way… in that case, it might be best to truly think about whether you are happy or not in this relationship. If you are not, realize you are choosing to participate in this. You can also choose to exit.



Nick Bastion is a dating and relationships expert with over 10 years of experience helping men and women have the love lives they’ve always wanted. You can find more of his writing at Vixen Daily in the Love and Relationships section.

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