The Top 3 Items To Wear At Your Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most beautiful and special days that a lady has in her lifetime. Everything needs to be perfect, most especially her outfit.  At Glitzy Secrets, one can check out some of the items that she can use to make her outfit even more beautiful. Below are a couple of things that are absolutely essential and that she should wear on her wedding day.


Great jewelery goes a long way in taking any kind of outfit to a whole new different level. For a wedding gown, jewelery helps to complement the beauty of the gown and adds some sparkle and shine to the bride’s outfit. A couple of pieces that you may consider wearing at your wedding include some earrings, necklaces, or even bracelets in addition to the ring of course. Be careful, however, not to over do it, as you do not want to draw away attention from the beauty of the dress. Everything should be well balanced, so instead of going with a huge statement necklace or earrings, you may want to try pieces that a are a little subtle. While choosing earrings, pay attention to the type of hairstyle that you will rock that day since the last thing that you want is your hair getting stuck to your dangling earrings. As for the necklace, the neckline of the dress will guide you in choosing the right type of necklace. For instance, for a V-shaped neckline, consider a long necklace as compared to a short, round one.

Hair accessories

For whatever hairstyle that you will have on, hair accessories will help to complete the look. Consider investing in some hairpins and combs which have gem embellishments such as emeralds or pearls. These are beautiful pieces which will add some glam to your hair despite the fact whether it is held up in a bun or let loose. A new trend lately is the use of a crown of flowers which could be either real or artificial to grace your head. These help to accentuate your feminine side making you appear very lovely and graceful on your special day.

Comfortable underwear

On your wedding, everything you have on, from your dress to your shoes must be comfortable. You will be the centre of attention and you will probably be up on your feet most of the day, and thus you need to be absolutely comfortable in order to enjoy your day. Your underwear is a significant part of your outfit and needs to be comfy as well. When out shopping for your dress, carry the underwear you plan to wear with you so you can see how it will fit with your dress. You do not want any of it to be visible and you thus need it to be seamless. Finally, your bra should not be ill-fitting and it should fit snuggly with the dress. This will ensure that you will not have even an ounce of discomfort your big day.

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