The Biggest No-No of Being A Working Girl: Crying At Work

“If you have to cry, go outside,” probably one of the most famous lines in recent MTV history.

MTV has always had a huge impact on Western culture. From the Real World and Spring Break to Laguna Beach and The Hills, MTV reflects on the real world of youth and youth culture.

And when a little rich California girl was told by her powerful and important boss to go outside instead of crying at work, the world listened. However, instead of agreeing with Kelly Cutrone, people reacted with comments like, “omg she’s such a b**ch!” No. She wasn’t. Her company, her reputation, her clients, her hard-work, equals her rules.  A writer named Sheryl Sandberg, recently came out in support of workplace tears, explaining that she once “cried on Mark Zuckerberg’s shoulder.” 

The general rule of thumb is: Don’t cry at work or in public. And especially don’t cry on Mark Zuckerberg’s shoulder.

You are professional. In a professional environment. You are ambitious, educated, bright, and successful. Don’t cry at work. It’s not apart of work culture. It’s not career suicide, but its like wearing a really revealing dress while everyone else is dressed in suits. It says “I clearly can’t pick up on social cues as well as everyone else can.Why trust me?”

There is one exception to the rule of public crying: Public intoxication. But if you aren’t being throw in the back of a cruiser or past the point of reason/logic/sanity. Crying in public isn’t cool. K?

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