You’re Just Not That Into Him – The Stage 5 Clinger

It can happen anywhere. You could be in class, at work or in a bar and you’re approached by this guy. He’s not the best looking, but he seems nice enough, so you make small talk. You give him the benefit of the doubt because he had the guts to approach you on his own and we all know how difficult that could be.

Maybe you’re feeling generous or maybe he just seems genuinely nice so you exchange some sort of contact information. You are a good girl and didn’t feel like hurting anyone’s feelings. Besides, he might never even call you.


Now he is texting, facebooking, and tweeting you constantly. He messages you randomly, making pointless small talk, trying to charm you. He asks you to hang out and you give him countless excuses as to why you can’t. You try to drop hints but he doesn’t seem to understand.

Whether or not the guy has any potential, he could have ruined it by being too clingy. You only met once or twice and shared a laugh but that does not mean you owe him anything. If he isn’t getting your hints, you have to tell him flat-out that you are not interested. It’s never nice hurting someone’s feelings, but the reason you’re in this mess is because you were afraid of doing so from day one.

If you have no interest in someone, don’t give them any sort of hope that they have a chance with you. Some guys will get the hints you drop,  while others will continue to pursue you for who knows how long. So try to put it as nicely as you can : You’re not interested.

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