Romantic Ideas For Couples

Routine can be fun or boring, but it’s mostly boring. Whenever excitement wears down in an intimate relationship, passion wears down with it, and that’s when a ‘relationship’ starts to feel boring. To safeguard it from reaching this lusterless stage, new practices need to be introduced into daily routines.Whether the goal is to invite adventure into a stale bond, or to simply surprise a partner, any “special union” can benefit from dynamic romantic ideas.

Here are 6 romantic ideas for couples:

Nighttime Madness

Scented candles are perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere: they arouse our sense of sight and smell, and they are rejuvenating. Purchase a dozen, but before you do, think about the scent your partner is most attracted to. Is it bamboo musk, cinnamon, gingerbread, cookies, fruit, vanilla, or fragrance oils? Or, are they attracted to the popular floral scents: Rose, lavandar, and jasmine? Decide and select. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a gift on the way out.

Perk up your evening by placing the aroma candles side by side to form a huge heart in the middle of your favourite room. Make sure there is enough space for the two of you to sit.

Blindfold your partner and guide them towards the ‘special space’ that you have created. Don’t stop and remove the blindfold. Keep it on and tell them you want to share another surprise. But, they must give you a hug before they receive it, and when they do, hand them a box with their favorite treat, while you whisper ‘I love you’ into his/her ear and remove the blindfold. They will surely thank you for being a sweetheart. At this point, nothing will be more splendid than spending the night in each other’s company, chatting, laughing and sharing personal stories.

Reignite the passion in your relationship by being spontaneous.

Letter Exchange Days

Every month, choose two days to exchange romantic or insightful letters. Letters can be the perfect tool for spreading awareness. Sometimes the easiest way to communicate thoughts is through written communication. Use your writing abilities to pass a special message to your loved one.  Here are a few questions to guide you in your writing process:

1. Imagine one of your special moments together and ask yourself, What did I do? Why did I love it so much? How did I feel? How did he make me feel?

2. Consider the atmosphere/environment and ask yourself:  Were we indoors or outdoors? With friends or alone? What did I see? ( For instance, did I glance at a butterfly, which settled on my pants?)

3. Try to recall some of his words: What did he say? How did he express himself, and how did his words make me feel? Add one or two of his sentences to your letter. This is a marvelous way to show him that you love how he speaks.

4. Reflect on this experience, and think of how you can repeat parts of it in a different environment. There’s nothing wrong with using an old idea or an old experience and changing it to create another unique experience.

5. Add a few questions related to anything you wanted to ask him, but forgot to, or anything you want to know. Here are a few examples:

What did you like most about this shared moment?

How did I make you feel?

Do you remember it the way that I do?

He will also be expected to write a letter. Give him a few hints and tell him which day will be the ‘ letter exchange day.’  Choose a “silent” location for the day, and make sure you take turns reading your letters. This is a delightful way to become closer; it will also surely generate feelings of being both valued and acknowledged.

Invigorate your partnership by being hospitable.

Being Interested

If you don’t express interest in your partner’s interests, you’re missing out on a remarkable way to deepen your romantic connection.   Don’t be traditional by asking them what their interests are; be adventurous and discover these interests on your own. This shouldn’t be too challenging. The next time he says, ” I’m going to my friends to watch football,” he’s probably not going only to spend time with his friends. He’s most likely interested in the game. So the next time his words express his interests, pay attention and think of how you can experience his interests with him. The next time she says, ” I need to go shopping for a new outfit,” she’s probably thinking that it would be lovely if you came along. So the next time her words express an interest in an activity, offer to join her. She will definitely admire this positive and pleasant gesture.

Even if you’re not genuinely interested in the activity, by allowing yourself to experience it with them, they will feel special. And, by making him/her feel special, you will feel special too, special for making your partner happy or happier.

Empower your intimate connection by being genuine.

The Recipe Date

Sizzle your evening together by inviting your partner over for dinner. Don’t prepare the food alone, let them prepare it with you. Here is one simple way to prepare a meal together:

Go online while they’re sitting beside you and find a recipe that you both want to try. Then, invite them to keep you company while you visit your local grocery store. Both of you can help find the needed ingredients. Give him/her a kiss if they find most of them. If not, you can always hug them on your way out to let them feel how much you appreciated their help.

When you’re ready to prepare the meal, ask for their help. Even if they doesn’t want to, by expressing that you miss their company and could use a hand, they might join you. Once the meal is ready to be eaten, feed each other. Don’t be traditional, be creative.  Use something other than a spoon. Choose wisely.

Invite innovation into your special bond by being creative.

The Kissing Message

It’s not what you think. Spend an entire weekend together and whenever he/she does anything that pleases you, give them a gentle kiss. Do this over and over again and you will invite happiness into your weekend get-together. He/she will surely laugh once they understand what you’re doing, and you will laugh, as well. But until you do, just keep sending those gentle kisses.

Bring laughter into your union by being playful.

Campfire Entertainment

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than spending an evening near the blazes of a campfire, especially if it’s a dark and chilly night. Sometimes, this night can be turned into a lifelong vibrant memory,especially if it’s spent in the company of someone special. Turn that dark and chilly night into an unforgettable moment by cuddling under a blanket near a blazing campfire, while each of you shares a memory that changed your life. Sometimes, simply listening to someone elses memories can be rejuvenating. It can also be inspiring. Whatever the case may be, it will nontheless invite “warmth” into the atmosphere, and “warmth” alone can turn an ” all right night” into a fabulous one!

Bring warmth into your love life by being open.

Well, there you have it, 6 ideas to animate your love life!

Share some of your own romantic ideas for couples down in the comment section below!

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