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The Male Perspective: What To Eat In Between Meals

Nowadays it seems like everyone is always constantly dieting.  There seems to be a never ending quest to drop more weight and get into better shape.  Unfortunately, many of these diets can leave us starving and desperate for food.  So typically people will indulge in snacks in between meals so they won’t go hungry but by doing so it ruins their diet and they fail to lose the weight that they wanted to in the first place.  So the question is what can you eat in between meals when you’re on a diet?  Not being a diet expert my advice on this topic will come more from personal experience rather than some kind of educational background on the subject.

First, it may be advisable to eat smaller meals during the day.  People have a tendency to eat large meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  By eating smaller portions at those times, it will allow you to eat snacks in between your meals without adversely affecting your diet.  To do this effectively, you will have to reduce the size of your meal portions slowly in order to give your body time to get used to them.  Any large reduction and you’ll find yourself unable to maintain it.

For snacks in between meals you typically need to stay away from cookies, cake, pie, bread and candy.  All of these have carbohydrates and/or sugars which will hinder your success with your diet.  Some types of chocolate, however, are good for you in moderation even if you’re on a diet but check with the diet plan you’re following to see which type.

Usually there are several kinds of fruits that you can eat that will have minimal effect on the diet plan you’re following so see which ones they recommend.  There are also several types of vegetables that are very filling, healthy, and don’t spoil your diet.  It’s just a question of trying them and forgoing your usual choices.

Many cafes have snacks that are healthy for you, and tasty, which you can have in between meals.  You just need to explain to the staff what sort of diet you’re on and ask what items they sell that would be appropriate to eat.  A good café will be able to answer this sort of query effectively.  If they can’t it’s time to find another café.

You also may want to look into trying other types of cuisine that you wouldn’t normally consider for a snack.  Japanese food, Chinese food, and others all have snacks which you can try that may be acceptable for the diet you’re on and you may find you enjoy them more than what you normally would eat.  You just have to be open to trying something new.

However, the Spartans always believed that if you kept things in moderation it was alright, and with a diet that is certainly true.  It is possible to have items that a diet doesn’t typically recommend, but in moderation and in smaller portions.  Remember though anything more than that and you’ll defeat the purpose of being on a diet in the first place.

If you haven’t already done so, it is highly recommended that you speak with a nutritionist.  A nutritionist can usually recommend several healthy and enjoyable food options that you can eat while on a diet.  They’ll also be able to tell you what foods you should avoid as snacks; and if you still want to have some of those items that they don’t advise, they can tell you how frequent would be okay without it negatively impacting your diet.

If you do an online search, you’ll find several nutritionist websites.  Read through more than one and try the foods that the nutritionist websites all recommend.

In many ways the question of what you can eat in between meals when you’re on a diet is a bit of a misnomer.  An effective diet is not only one in which you lose weight, but also one which changes your eating habits.  You have to enjoy eating food that is healthier for your body and helps you put on more muscle and less fat.

If you don’t find yourself enjoying the new foods you’ve been eating, instead of the ones you’ve been used to most of your life, than eventually you’ll just put the weight back on.  You need to permanently change what you eat in order for your diet to be a true  success, otherwise it will just be a repeating cycle of failure to reach your ultimate diet goal.

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