Innovative Ways to Use Artificial Grass in Your Home and Garden

Innovative Ways to Use Artificial Grass in Your Home and Garden 1

Have you ever considered using artificial grass at home? While many people are choosing to incorporate fake turf into their gardens, the fact of the matter is that this is a material that can be included in rooms all over the house – the more creative, the better!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should go crazy and start covering every visible surface with synthetic grass. Instead, it’s an innovative, crafty way to showcase your personality and bring a little of the outdoors, indoors. Whether it’s a kid’s playroom, a statement wall covering or a cute balcony garden, it’s clear that artificial grass should no longer be confined to the garden.

But how can you use artificial grass in your home and garden? Here are some fun, creative and innovative ways to give you a little inspiration. Let’s get started!

In the Garden

Small or large; neat and tidy or in need of a little work, your garden should be a prized part of your property. However, if you often find yourself struggling for time or you simply aren’t the most green-fingered individual, it’s all too easy to let your garden fall into disrepair. But isn’t it time that your garden reflected the look of your home?

If you’re fed up with dry, yellowing or patchy grass, fake turf is a great way to have a great, low-maintenance lawn that looks great all year round. If you’re worried about the cost or time of the installation process, click here to learn more – you might just find yourself surprised by how easy it can be!

However, while it is becoming increasingly popular, however, there are plenty of ways in which you can work to incorporate a greater degree of creativity into your outdoor space.

If you have trees, shrubs or flowerbeds in your garden, why not take the opportunity to get super creative and make your garden into a patchwork paradise? Combine flowers, shrubbery, grass and possibly even a rockery to create an intriguing, involving garden full of hidden gems and delights. Not only will it look great, but it is sure to be the talk of the neighbourhood!

In Your Home

Of course, as we’ve already mentioned, there’s no reason not to bring fake turf indoors. Even if you are looking to update your home or give a tired room a new look on a budget, this is the perfect way to do so in a creative, forward-thinking manner.

If you have children, the chances are that you will have a set area in your home where they can freely play. Whether it’s a dedicated playroom or just some space in their bedroom or your living room, for example, it’s important that this area is kept clean, clear, and is child-friendly. For younger children, in particular, falls and accidents are common during play, which is why it is vital that their play area remains as safe and secure as possible. The installation of artificial grass can help to cushion any falls and create a soft, welcoming floor covering upon which they can indulge in hours of creative play.

In other areas of the home, sometimes you just need that distinct statement or the extra special ‘wow’ factor to update a room and really make visitors sit up and take notice. Invest in an artificial grass statement wall, a living indoor garden or possibly even a rug made from synthetic grass – these ideas are all fun, quirky and especially individual, allowing you to really make your own unique stamp on the look and feel of your home.

If you like your home to stand out from the crowd, what better way to achieve this than with the addition of some artificial grass? Whether you decide to revamp your garden or refresh a particular room of your home, the possibilities really are endless. Make 2018 the year of synthetic grass – you’ll never look back!

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