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Holding Back The Years…

If you recognize that title as a Simply Red song from the 1980’s, this article is definitely for you. If you don’t, it will be for you someday, so go ahead and read it now!

Hollywood has changed. The late 20’s are no longer post-mortem among the rich and famous. The ageless Helen Mirren, scampering past the age of 60 in a bikini and looking great doing it, is becoming less the exception and more the rule.

Cosmetic Surgery

This is the obvious one, a quick and effective solution for looking great at any age. Sometimes, it just takes a little corrective action to level the playing field with Mother Nature. Everything from breastfeeding to natural aging processes can necessitate surgical breast augmentation, which surgeons perform using several possible procedures customized to the patient’s body. Make sure to research your plastic surgeon, doctors like Dr. Jason Hess offer safe and high quality care.

Fashion is a big reason why many celebrities turn to cosmetic surgery. Back when clothing was a little more practical–in other words, back before it looked so good!–women could wear very practical bras to get good support, a smooth silhouette, and no risk of exposed straps or other bra parts.

But things have changed. Clothing today has cutouts, asymmetrical shoulders, halter necklines, you name it. These features typically look best with a somewhat larger bustline and just don’t give the right look with smaller breasts. Because celebrities are expected to wear these dramatic new designs for public appearances, their overall look–and their career–relies heavily on achieving a certain size, along with–how would you say this?–a youthful posture. The outfits permit strapless or adhesive bras at the most; some have no tolerance for undergarments at all. The only way these women can look just right for the outfit is if they’ve had a little help.

Better Nutrition

Oh, the things we used to eat. Millions of women have consumed excessive amounts of carbohydrates, fats, and gluten in the course of what they thought was a healthy diet. Instead they were unwittingly sabotaging their skin, hair, bones, and muscles–the four most important things for enduring beauty! It resulted in a need for more exercise (more on that in a minute) and led celebrities to dangerous nutrition supplements and even potentially deadly diet pills or eating disorders.

With dieticians, nutrition experts, and chefs at their sides, celebrities today are eating far better than those of previous generations. The result is less body fat, clearer skin, stronger hair, and better muscle tone.

Better Exercise

Remember the high school track coach who had athletes run up and down the stadium steps for conditioning? That’s not the recommended strategy now. The jarring of knees, hips, ankles, and backs has proven counterproductive. They were sacrificing durability for endurance, and many celebrities exercised in the same intense way.

But here was the problem. They might have been fit and muscular at 28, but by 42 they were so arthritic and achy that they drastically curtailed their activity levels, losing muscle tone and gaining weight along the way.

Sustainable exercise programs today get all the calorie-burning, muscle-building impact of harsher old methods without the systematic destruction of bones and joints. Celebrities who’ve worked 20 years at staying fit with these methods are still in yoga or on the elliptical because they aren’t waking up stiff and sore from yesterday’s workouts.

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