4 Tips For Finding A Great Jazz Musician For Your Wedding

pexels-photo-1288489Your wedding might be one of the most important days of your life. It is an event that takes planning, with some even taking years to get everything in order. For some couples, the focus of their planning usually goes to the clothes and the food, and certain aspects of the wedding take a back seat, like the music.

But if you truly want to set a great atmosphere for your wedding, choosing the right music is important. Some opt for a DJ, while others just choose a playlist of their favorites, but for something different and truly memorable, you should consider a jazz band or jazz duos. They will bring a different atmosphere to your wedding, and your guests will be raving about your wedding years after it has finished.

A jazz musician for a wedding is great because they can bring not just a party and dance atmosphere, but also an intimate aspect to the wedding as well. If you want a classy wedding, choose a jazz band. Check out the list below for some tips on finding the perfect jazz artist for your wedding.

Ask friends and colleagues for references – if jazz is something that you are unfamiliar with and you have no one in mind who can play on your wedding, better ask friends and colleagues who love the musical genre. They might be familiar with some local bands that you can hire for your wedding.

Canvass for potential musicians in jazz bars or clubs – if there are no friends you can go to for help, research on some local jazz bars that you can visit instead. From there, you can have an idea of what the musicians are like and choose which artists will be perfect for your event. You may have a list of contemporary songs that you would like to be played at your wedding, with a jazz treatment. Better make sure that you are getting a band that is flexible and can play both classical pieces and contemporary ones.

Make sure to see them live before making a decision – if you already have a list of potential jazz duos that you would like to get for your wedding (from research, etc), it is imperative that you and your significant other see them live. Seeing them live is important. They may be very talented, or they would not be performing as professionals, but you want to see if the music they are playing is something that you want to hear for your wedding.

Check with your wedding venue if they have bands they can recommend – you can also ask your wedding venue if they have bands that are regulars in their wedding events. You might even be able to get some discount if the jazz musician you use is actually affiliated with the venue. Just make sure that you contact them early enough, especially if your wedding date is during peak season, as some bands may be busy on your preferred wedding date.

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