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What’s Trending? Matching Lips and Nails!

Remember when matching your lipstick to your manicure was a major beauty mishap? Well scratch those rules you’ve long ago accepted because that combination has now resurfaced and this time in a positive light.

Just because this match-up is a new trend today doesn’t mean it has no historic significance. Majority of older films feature women wearing red lipstick as well as red nails to showcase class and glamour. Whereas this old Hollywood make-up tactic is still a frequent occurrence, on red carpets and fashion runways (think Zac Posen’s Fall 2012 runway look), it has also gone far beyond that.


We’re now seeing bolder patterns with colors ranging from deep burgundy to bright coral.

This season it shouldn’t be about if you’ll wear it but how you’ll wear. Next time you’re on your way for a manicure, think twice about the lip shades you could pair it with before making that final decision.

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