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Want to meet the people that keep Secrets of a Good Girl up and running? Meet the team below!

photo 2 Our StaffAllie Schwartz | Owner and Editor-In-Chief

Allie created Secrets of a Good Girl in May 2012 out of her love for fashion and anything sparkly. Starting off as a hobby/side project, Allie quickly realized the value in her site and within weeks was working hard to turn it into a full fledged website, hoping to compete with the best of the blogging world.

While her initial vision for Secrets of a Good Girl isn’t quite what the final product turned out to be, she’s happy with the direction that things are heading in and will continue to cultivate and grow the site, in hopes that women all around the world will find something to enjoy on Secrets of a Good Girl.

As a student currently attending the University of Western Ontario, Allie runs the site in her spare time and hopes to one day turn it into her full-time job. Until then, she’ll keep working as hard as she can to make sure the readers are kept happy and stay eager to return.

She doesn’t have one specific style because she likes to be open to every emerging trend. She enjoys scouting out unique accessories or clothing items in odd places.

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 Our Staff Asymina Kantorowicz | Managing Editor and Staff Writer

Asymina graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 2012 where she majored in Media Information and Technoculture and minored in Popular Literature and Cultural Studies. She loves writing about fashion and the entertainment industry, hoping it will one day turn it into a career.

Asymina also volunteers at Rogers TV where she writes for a show called Access Peel and is learning the ropes of television production.

Her hobbies include shopping, reading, traveling and eating sushi. She’s obsessed with reading the latest magazines to learn about upcoming trends. She also dreams of going back to visit Greece, her homeland.

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nour sankary Our Staff Nour Sankary | Associate Editor and Staff Writer

Nour currently lives in Toronto; she studied Philosophy, and Professional Writing and Communications at the University of Toronto. Her interest in writing began at the age of 9, and it has since then been her favorite hobby.

She’s a huge movie fan and loves to analyze movie plots, especially ones with the same degree of sophistication as Inception and Eternal Sunshine. She also likes to read fantasy and fiction novels.

In her spare time, she enjoys writing movie and novel reviews. She also enjoys spending time at Starbucks, drinking the newest drinks and reading the most recent scientific magazines.

Nour writes for Secrets of a Good Girl’s advice column!

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seana s Our Staff Seana Stevenson | Social Media Manager and Staff Writer

Seana began writing for websites at the mere age of sixteen; she started out as an album reviewer, and then branched out into band interviews. Soon after, she pursued her degree in English and Journalism at the University of King’s College.

After a realization that fashion was her real passion, she shifted towards fashion journalism. Seana felt that Halifax was the perfect place to begin her understanding of fashion. She began to notice unique styles by perusing the streets, enabling her larger understanding of how to cultivate her own style.

Seana is also a movie and television fanatic; this has translated into her journalism. Her specialty is ‘Get The Look’ posts, showing our readers how to transform the styles they see on the big screen into their everyday lives. Seana hopes to make it big in fashion industry after she graduates from university, whilst continuing her career in journalism.

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goldie tock Our Staff Goldie Tock | Social Media Assistant and Staff Writer

Goldie is a current full time student at McMaster University, majoring in Communication Studies. From a young age, Goldie has been a creative individual, always putting her spunky edge on everything she touches. She is passionate, outgoing, and hardworking. Sports, traveling, and cooking are some of Goldie’s hobbies. She loves both participating in and watching sports, and has travelled to Europe, South America, Asia, and ultimately plans to make it to every continent.

Planning on furthering her education, Goldie would like to do a Corporate Communications program once she receives her B.A. Honours. She aspires to work in Public Relations once she graduates and ultimately would like to run her own firm.

Goldie helps maintain our social media accounts and writes for our advice column.

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Jackie Allan ROM2011 11977 DSC9728 199x300 Our Staff Jackie Allan | Staff Writer

Jackie is currently living in Toronto and is Journalism graduate from St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick and a Book and Magazine Publishing graduate from Centennial College.

She can name all the Kardashians in order and reads celebrity, movie, book and television news religiously. Her passion for entertainment and writing collided as she works on the celebrity gossip section of the site and in her personal time works on her own blog.

When she is not writing or obsessing over Chris Evans, Jackie can be found at Starbucks or at the movies, munching on over-priced popcorn.

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fiona tang Our Staff Fiona Tang | Staff Writer

Fiona is a high school student whose enthusiasm for fashion and beauty makes up a large portion of her daily life. She currently resides in Toronto and is looking forward to a career that focuses on fashion and/or psychology. (Yes, she’s aware it’s a pretty odd combination.)

She’s a typical student who loves to try new things and venture out into new grounds. That’s where her love for challenges and adventures come. Always trying to find new stores and ways to re-create affordable trends, Fiona is always on the look out for the best designer steals out there.

As a passionate fashion and beauty writer & blogger, Fiona enjoys keeping her readers entertained and informed. With a fresh cup of green tea and some Nutella, she’s ready to tackle every challenge and adventure thrown her way.

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Mary Our StaffMary Carroll | Staff Writer

Mary currently attends Loyola University Chicago and will be graduating in May.  While pursuing a degree in Psychology, she realized that she didn’t really care for all that sciency stuff, and quickly changed her plans toward a career in film.  Interested in writing since she was capable of holding a pen, it has always been a genuine hobby.

As a frequent movie goer, and constant television viewer,media has always played a large role in her life.  A passion for watching E-News every night during dinner since she was in high school has created an unhealthy relationship with celebrity gossip.

Writing about, gossiping about, and obsessing over celebrities has since become an everyday ordeal, and an excellent help for writing in the Celebrity Gossip section here at Secrets of a Good Girl.

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matthew byer Our StaffMatthew Byer| Staff Writer

Matthew Byer has had a fairly varied career as an artist, writer, programmer, business analyst, privacy advisor, project manager, cook, and actor. He is, also, the author of the eBook novel Finding My Way Through Life’s Follies and the eBook poetry collection Mustard Marinade Poetry.

Originally born in Montreal, Quebec, he grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, spending the winters downhill skiing and enjoying the Rideau Canal during Winterlude. He later on obtained Bachelor degrees in Economics and Classical Civilization, along with a Diploma in Applied Information Technology with Distinction. He currently resides in Coquitlam, British Columbia. Matthew write for Secrets of a Good Girl’s The Male Perspective.

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