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At the heart of Secrets of a Good Girl lie the reviews we provide for all sorts of clothing, accessories, and beauty products. While each of our writers has different critical standards and styles, all our reviews are a complied comprehensive guides to the works being studied, in the hope that readers will have all the information they need before making decisions of whether or not to purchase an item.

The cornerstone of each review is, of course, the text of the piece, and if you want to learn the most about the item being covered, reading the entire review is essential. But there are other components as well; at the start of each review, we break our general opinions down what we loved and what we hated, as well as providing a general overview.

We review products to give our readers something different than other sites, just because it looks good on doesn’t mean it’s a great quality item.

Finally, we have a unique grading system based on stars, ranging from 0 to 5.

What follows is a guide to our star-based review scale. It’s laid out in five sections, arranged a bit unequally to demonstrate the weight of each possible grade and how it corresponds to other grading systems you may be more familiar with.

All items are rated based on three factors; style, price and usefulness.

  • Style: Is the overall style of the item eye-catching/original? A plain old cheap white tee may lack in style, but will score big in subsequent areas.
  • Price: Was the price fair for what you get? A pair of shorts that are over $100.00 that are so recognizable, they could only be worn once, would get a bad review.
  • Usefulness: Can the item be used for more than one occasion? Or can the item be used in different ways? The greater flexibility in the item, the higher the ranking will be.

All reviews are written in a way to attract our young audience who can easily become bored while reading plain old facts. We bring personality to keep each and every post exciting and keep them coming back for more!

5 Stars “Outstanding,” “High Class,” “Fashionable”

The five-star range is reserved for the best of the best. 5 stars will only be given out if we feel the item is flawless. This score is reserved for the PERFECT party dress.

 4 – 4.5 Stars “Favored,” “Good” to “Very Good”

 Here’s where the scale opens up a bit. Items in the range would be considered almost perfect, but not quite there. We love all items ranked in this range, but one small aspect may have thrown us off.

3 – 3.5 “Wearable,” “Mediocre,” “Dull,” “Uninspired,” “Lifeless”

Often 3 stars are given to pieces we enjoy but don’t love, or love but find flawed, or want to love but can’t quite do so. Nothing in this range could be called “bad,” but some are only on the cusp of being “good,” and none can be called “great.”

2 – 2.5, “Unfashionable,” “Uninspired,” “Lifeless,”

This is the stuff no one gives a damn about. This range is for an item that isn’t a disaster, and maybe even has some certain elements worth praising, but are overall forgettable efforts. These probably aren’t full-fledged “bad,” but they can sure seem like it at times.

1 – 1.5, “Bad,” “Awful,” “Terrible,” “Atrocious”

Now we enter the danger zone. This is for the items that cannot be considered “good” by any stretch of the imagination, but still have some life to them. They don’t quite deserve a zero, but they also don’t deserve a failing grade.

0 – 0.5 “Unwearable,” “Repugnant,” “Unholy,” “Offensive”

This is where it starts to hurt. These are the items that offend us, that get us outraged and inflamed, the ones that we will never forget, no matter how much we may wish to, for the deep, permanent scars they leave behind. This would be very rare, because generally, most items do have some fashionable aspects.

We hope most of what we review is good, as fun as it can be to pan an article of clothing, it’s even more fun to wear something good. But whether it’s masterful or depressing, we call it like it is here at Secrets of a Good Girl, and we hope you enjoy everything our site has to offer.

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