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McDonald’s Scheme

“One night I was really hungry and decided to do the classic McDonald’s run. I ordered my usual meal of the Jr. Chicken, coming out to about $1.50. I paid at the first window and pulled up to the second one to receive my sandwich. After she handed me my order,  I realized they forgot to give me ketchup, I waited in the same place until the worker came back to the window. She handed me a huge bag with an extra-large drink, I was in shock… but still managed to ask for ketchup. I drove off in a hurry, so excited to open my mystery bag! When I got home I called my roommates to the table for a feast, inside the bag was three McDoubles, one Big Mac, an XL fries, my original Jr. Chicken, and the Diet Coke. Let’s just say it was a great night. Above is the original photo.”

– Anonymous

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