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McDonald’s Scheme

“One night I was really hungry and decided to do the classic McDonald’s run. I ordered my usual meal of the Jr. Chicken, coming out to about $1.50. I paid at the first window and pulled up to the second one to recei...

decoy brush

“Decoy Brush”

“So I have one of the worst roommates around, I mean… nothing gets worse then living with a girl who deals with her anger VERY vocally. When she screams over things like cleanliness, it is almost like she is practic...

Facebook status fail

“Facebook Status Fail”

Facebook Status Fail “A few years ago, I had this huge crush on this super cute soccer player. We flirted a lot and talked for hours and hours straight. Most of the time we would Facebook chat till midnight. So one aftern...

boy watching girl sleep

Incubus – The Male Demon

Incubus: A male demon believed to have sexual intercourse with a sleeping women. One night my friends and I went out-of-town to party it up in a new city. Got completely wasted and had such a wild night. We partied until the ea...


“School Boy Crush Horror Story”

There is this guy that I really really like. We go to the same school and in the same class, but I don’t think he has ever noticed me. During winter break I finally gained the courage to talk to him, well BBM him. I sent ...


“Bad Luck Bikini”

My boyfriend and I were going on a trip to Cuba, and I was last-minute packing. I rushed around my apartment when I realized only one of my bathing suits fit. I decided to run to the mall to pick one up so I had options and som...


“Meet The Parents”

It was a normal Sunday night and my boyfriend asked me to come over to hang out. I said yes and made my way over. I was hoping we had the house to ourselves, but I didn’t ask him. When I go there I couldn’t hear any...


“Bondage Experiment”

I was in a long-distance relationship with a guy who lived about a 700 miles away, so when we saw each other, we more than made up for lost time. One night we decided to experiment with a little light bondage, using a ribbon fr...


“Caller ID Video Secret”

Trust your secret with Secrets of Good Girl, safer then trusting you phone to keep it for you!


“Complete Fail… Nuff Said”

Complete fail…┬áNuff said. This video seems like it should have many more views than 3000 for what it is. Stay sexy girls! (0:12 seconds)