What’s Trending? Love That White Smile!

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There has been so many times where I have been watching TV and all of a sudden become mesmerized by the pearly whites on some actors/actresses. It almost seems impossible to have teeth sparkle as bright as Justin Bieber’s, but if it’s him we are talking about… we gotta at least try, right?!

 Whats Trending? Love That White Smile!

After various attempts at contacting Justin to ask him just what his trick is, I decided to go ahead and find the next best solution. I think that Justin would agree with me that Love That White Smile is a great alternative to his fancy dentist.

Instead of a gel, the whitening toothpaste is a foam which first cleans, then whitens. I have been using the product for over three months now and I vow to never switch back to a gel.

 Whats Trending? Love That White Smile!

My favorite part about Love that White Smile’s products are the lip gloss/tooth gloss. Whoever said lip gloss was out of style? Well, MAC might of… but we say it is back! The clear and sparkly gloss has a great minty taste, and acts as a lip plumper as well (free botox). The tooth gloss is great after a meal when I lack time to brush my teeth, it makes them shine just like Justin’s! It also helps with the bad breath situation…

The very best part about both of these products is that they have a built-in light and mirror. I can’t even begin to count how many times I have had to leave to the restroom in a dark bar/restaurant to reapply my lip gloss. It came to the point where I began to get quite lazy to even reapply… beauty suicide, I know.

Check out the products here: Love That White Smile.

Let us know what your experiences are with the product in the comments section below!

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  • Cynthia

    I use it too! Its so much safer than other products and I have sensitive teeth and it doesn’t irritate them, that is the best part!

    I also try to follow some other tricks like drinking with a straw and staying away from anything that would stain your carpet – because that would stain your teeth!

    • KimmyPops

      thanks for the tips

    • asheliy dejesus

      you know that he cheted on slean for no reanson right i dont know whey

  • Kenzy

    I just went on their website, this is so coool! No more whitestrips for me :) :)

  • EllesBelles

    omg I have never seen something so cool before!!!11 Can someone tell me how long it takes to make your teeth whiter? I wanna try ti!

    • Kenzy

      on the site it says you will get a few shades whiter in just a week of brushing your teeth twice a day

  • jjyulez

    does justin really use it???

  • ashkebash

    i looked it up and saw this review if you guys are interested

  • jackieiswhacky

    maybe we can contact them and have a contest to give some away for free? and then maybe i can win the contest!! :)

    • Fashmina

      in your dreams you will win!! immaa wiinn mwahaha

    • salgal241

      ughhh i want to win some of this so baddd

    • Lis

      I LOVE this blog!! and these people are right @ce0418a963bd726b82cf170ebdee7875:disqus @88f9a92c79aff0503bdf3662ad3a9d31:disqus @680fc9189993360273c05f8b40887207:disqus We need a contest to give this away – and I NEED TO WIN IT!!!!

    • Adriana

      bahaha what makes you think they are just going to come on here and start giving stuff away. you guys are all crazy!!! (but if they do, ill participate!)

  • FashionLady

    justin looks ridiculous in that photo!! haha @59a1e68e129dc4bc4061537453589bf0:disqus

    this also looks like a really cool system

  • Paul

    White teeth are important for more than how they look. Also for how they make you feel. There are things you can do at home, without spending big bucks, to get whiter teeth. My dentist in Campbellford has teeth whitening advice on his blog. You can read about it here: http://www.bridgestreetdental.com/2013/01/18/whats-in-a-smile/

  • Sandeep Lokhande
  • Gwen Miller

    This kit looks so amazing! I have been trying to get my teeth whiter for a while now, but nothing seems to be working as well as I want it to. Maybe it’s time I look into something like this! The last step amazes me, I had no idea there was such a thing as “tooth gloss”! Is it like a toothbrush-on-the-go sort of thing?


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