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What’s Trending for Fall/Winter 2012? Burgundy Plum Lipstick!

This Fall/Winter 2012, the colour must have is all the shades of Burgundy Plum Lipstick. It is a rich and vibrant colour which is rumoured to be the new red. The purple tone is very complementary to any skin tone and makes your pearly whites that much more attractive.

The plum shade has been seen on the runway and on the street, making it a highly lucrative lipstick colour. Purple is the colour of royalty and so, is fit for any princess whether she is going out socially or attending a college wine-and-cheese. It is a muted hue so it isn’t overbearing but like any colour, it has a wide range from bright and bold burgundy to soft and pretty mauve.

This tone will be alluring with any of the latter year’s fashion styles. Fall brings about the browns, greys, and blacks in clothing. The purple colour of your lips will match and fuse a trendy new look for 2012.

Hair can be mussed and pined on top of the head by securing it with hair rat and bobby pins, or with long flowing tresses and defining braided bangs. This look is beautiful and quietly shouts class. You can have natural or highlighted hair, the purple colour will look smashing with any backdrop.

Pair it with a jersey top, wool slacks, leather jacket and boots and it will turn heads, comparing you to the cover of a photo shoot from Suzy Shier, Tommy Hilfiger or even Ralph Lauren. These brands are bringing together Thanksgiving in Vermont to fashion forward Queen Street in downtown Toronto.

Try the burgundy plum shade this fall, but I warn you it’s not for the faint of heart! Rock it with purple passion! <3

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