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The Best of the Best Eye Shadow Palettes!

To all the beauty fanatics out there,we here at Secrets of A Good Girl want to update you on the best of the best eye shadow palettes!

I’m not too sure about you, but I am obsessed with eye shadow palettes!  These multicoloured eyeshadow sets are not only super versatile and convenient, but easy and simple to use. One of the best perks about eye shadow palettes are the variety (and not to mention the adorable and chic packaging) they come in!

From neutral tones, to smoky dark night time hues or vibrant eye popping shades, there has got to be some sort of perfect palette that will keep you going for all the events you need to attend this year! So here we go, enjoy!

Neutral Eye Shadow Palettes:

Okay so I really don’t need to mention this palette because I’m sure you all heard enough of this but… Urban Decay’s Naked palette has got to be one of the best neutral palettes out there. Every single pigmented and creamy colour is great for everyday wear and like all neutral palettes, they go with everything and is easily applied. My only concern, its kind of a stretch money wise, but in the end its worth it!

This one is another popular favourite: the infamous Too Faced Natural Eyes palette! Another great thing about palettes is that you get the ability to play around with colours and see which ones look good together. For this one in particular, I realize that I quite enjoy creating new looks with this palette. The mattes and shimmery shadows really do have a way to balance each other out. (Con: Not the biggest fan of the shimmery shadow on the bottom left named “Nude Beach”.)

 ‘Perfect for those Late Nights’ Palettes:

This NYX smokey eye palette deserves way more attention. For the incredible price, these colours are all wearable and very pigmented! And even though these shadows tend to crack easily, they are all still very usable. For the price and the predicted usage, I definitely recommend this one!

The Nars Night Series contains Nars most popular “night time” shadows. The colours are gorgeous in the palette, but in order to get the best wear, I highly recommend primer. Maybe I’m a little bias because I love dark eyeshadows (and love Nars packaging), but this palette really allows you to create a great look for a night out.

Get Summer Ready: 

This limited edition Sephora + Pantone Universe palette was inspired by nature, and as you can see, the colours are vibrant and fun! Perfect for the sunny and warmer weather, these 35 colours will make your eyes pop! With such a large variety of colours, this palette will work for all looks and eye colours (something that is quite hard to find when looking for more colourful palettes).

I hate to end it off on such an pricey note, but this Christian Dior “Le Croisette” 5- colour palette is so pretty! These pastel shades are beautiful. The colours are the perfect shimmery light shades that enhance your tan and give your eyes the perfect sparkle! Ditch the eyeliner for these eyeshadows, because thats all you will need with this palette!

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