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The Compact Mirror – Beauty Essential

Compact mirrors have been used since the European Middle Ages by queens, empresses and mythical goddess. They were made with silver and sometimes polished bronze. Women have been using the mirror extensively for household use for the last century and it has become a staple in society to have one in the home.

What I recommend every Good Girl to have in her purse is the essential compact mirror. It is a great way to get your touch ups in or check if you have anything affecting your smile. It saves you from several trips to the ladies room which may make you look weak. When your out with family, friends or on a date with the opposite sex it seems a shame to cut the conversation short or make endless trips to the restroom when all you need to do is take a quick peek at your hand mirror. It is a fabulous accent to your routine and creates a very pretty image.

Without the mirror, many of us would be walking around with a terrible mess of a hairstyle or perhaps one eyebrow!  People that take care of their appearance usually get jobs faster, are treated better and are usually given the benefit of the doubt. It is important to make sure you minimize any flaws. The vision of the perfect Good Girl is one that is neat, clean and stylish. When the face looks clear, the teeth white and the hair and make-up impeccable, others are drawn to you and are generous enough to think you are attractive. When a Good Girl goes out in public it is important for her to maintain her appearance and keep looking fresh. Compact mirrors don’t have to be pricey, you can easily get one from your mall, on Ebay or even at a vintage store. Love thyself and people will love you, too.

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