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Classic Glam Style Fall 2012

Update your look by taking classic style cues from the past!

Gwen Stefani, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera and a whole host of other stars have been channeling the magnificent Marilyn Monroe for photo shoots and introducing her iconic style into their everyday and red-carpet wardrobes. This Classic Glam Style can be worn by just about anyone. The elegance and beauty from the 50s era cannot be disputed and many stars, stylists and fashionistas alike are taking cues from this softer era; when women wore beautiful clothing that emphasized their curves but kept their mystery, and men were “men” and donned hats and shined shoes on a week day.

The current 50’s inspired style is a modern take on the classics, with pencil skirts, heels and coiffed hair free from chunky highlights. A swipe of neutral shadow paired with a strong liquid liner and precisely lined red lip. Foundation is matte and a warm pink cheek gives an air of innocence. This makeup look may take a little longer to achieve, but the striking results will open your eyes, heighten your cheekbones and make your teeth appear brighter. Stay away from sparkles or glitter, this look is all about sophistication.


Use a soft, matte, neutral shadow all over the upper lid and to the brow, and a shadow one shade darker on the lid blending well. For liner, use liquid or solid black kohl, drawing a very thin line from the inner corner and enlarging the line as you reach the outside corner, trailing slightly to give a “cat-eye” effect. Finish off with a single swipe, then multiple coats of lengthening black mascara on the outter edge of the lashes. Keep the brows natural and well-groomed, too thin will look overdone with the strong liner.


Use a matte foundation appropriate for your skin type, dotting along the forehead, nose and chin and blending outwards. Use a coordinated concealer for blemishes and around the eye area. If your foundation does not provide a powder-like finish, then set it and further mattify your skin with a light dusting of translucent powder.

Blush should be a shade lighter than your natural “blushing” colour. Kiss the blush along your cheekbone for a subtle, glowing flush.

Use a dash of highlighting powder along the top of the cheekbone and just under the brow for a slight contour and eye-catching effect.


Red is in, for this look and for Fall trends. Pick a red with a blue base to make your teeth appear whiter. Reds vary from more of a fuchsia tone to burgundies and cranberries, so be prepared to try at least two colours before you find your perfect red. Matte or glossy, it’s all about finding, and then rocking, that glamorous red that makes you feel confident.

Reds are striking, so they need to be properly applied and up kept throughout the day to stay looking good. Brush your lips softly with your clean toothbrush to gently exfoliate, and then line with a liner as close to your lipstick shade as possible. Fill in the lip area with a lip brush for precision, and for convenience use the tube to touch up those pesky areas right in the middle where your lipstick will ultimately disappear throughout the day. Or, opt for a long wear product, but be aware that some of these products can be very drying and a moisturizing lipstick may keep your lips in better shape.

For nighttime, try a half-length fake eyelash and a thicker liquid line with a longer “tail” at the end; add more blush and highlighter for a more dramatic version of your day look.

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    December 26, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    Christina Aguilera does not get tired of channeling Marilyn Monroe it’s annoying because she thinks because she dyes her hair platinum and steals every pose,every quote,every style for every video,magazine spread that she is the modern day Marilyn Monroe when she is not.Christina Aguilera is too harsh in attitude and style to be anything like the stunning goddess Marilyn.Christina Aguilera 5’0 bowed legs,big nose,fake boobs,fake booty injections,harsh personality, harsh voice.Christina Aguilera can keep doing the fake laugh and trying to shake her head all fake and try her hardest to walk and do everything Marilyn Monroe but it will always look fake.Marilyn Monroe sweet voice,hourglass figure,loved by the public for her sweet persona, 5’6 ,beautiful legs,nose, face.Who knows when Christina Aguilera will get a clue we are not blind on her 14 year quest now channeling Marilyn Monroe day in day out with limited success.Christina has lost her originality since she started trying to steal Marilyn Monroe’s whole persona and life it’s not flattery it’s stalking,obsession and she needs therapy.Gwen Steffani has also channeled Marilyn but not like the stalker Christina Aguilera .Gwen has mentained her tomboy look to go with it and has not had breast implants and stuff like that to try to convert herself into someone she’s not.Lindsay Lohan another Marilyn Monroe stalker even though the same goes for her she does not look good in platinum hair better as a red head.Lindsay has 5’6 body but not as nice as Marilyn’s.Lindsay has a harsh voice and o.k. face.These ladies need to get a clue we have lines of Marilyn Monroe wannabe’s we will never get her back.God broke the mold when he made Marilyn Monroe because as many as there are trying to be her she can’t be bottled and reproduced again.There is one that stands out and she is not on a mission to be Marilyn but Christina Hendricks looks like Marilyn ,talks,walks,has a nice curvy body and could be Marilyn Monroe’s daughter.

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