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Beauty Secrets: The All Mighty Vaseline

Vaseline is a girl’s BFF when it comes to all things beauty. This multi-use product is a cost-efficient way to improve your everyday beauty routine. Read on to learn more!

With its natural remedies, Vaseline pure petroleum jelly is made up of natural oils that contain numerous healthy ingredients. The natural formula makes this a great multi-use product for everyday use.

  • Perfect for removing makeup, petroleum jelly has a great formula that will easily wipe off your makeup. Here’s a plus: the petroleum jelly is great for your lashes as well. It acts as a moisturizer to help strengthen and repair lashes (therefore resulting in long and full lashes).
  • Vaseline also substitutes for a great lip balm and conditioner.  Apply a small amount before bed and you will wake up with smooth and moist lips.
  • Speaking of lips, Vaseline is also a great lip scrub. Apply a small amount and use a toothbrush to gently scrub dead skin on your lip.
  • Apply Vaseline on your cuticles for stronger, healthier nails!
  • Use some as eyebrow gel and keep your eyebrows groomed and in perfect shape.
  • You can mix some of this with pigments, lipstick, eye shadows to create a more cream based product.
  • Apply some onto feet and hands for smoother, moisturized skin!

Vaseline is easily affordable and found everywhere! Go ahead and pick one up at your local drugstore!

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