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10 Celebrities Who Look Great Without Makeup

Now-a-days, we all know how easily makeup and photoshop can change the appearance of anyone and everyone. You are soon about to discover that even without all the makeup and editing, your favorite celebrities can look just as great without all the paint!

 1. Rihanna is glowing without the makeup. There really isn’t much explaining to do here.

2. Penelope Cruz. Her freckles give off such a fresh and young vibe.
Plus, look at her sparkling eyes and gorgeous skin.

3. Angelina Jolie and her perfectly symmetrical face is obviously looking great.
(Maybe a little angry because of the paparazzi, but its alright.)

 4. Kate Winslet is looking great without all the products on.
Who else wants her (naturally plump) lips!

5. Taylor Swift is a natural beauty. Her piercing blue eyes look amazingly gorgeous
…she’s practically flawless!

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