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“School Boy Crush Horror Story”

There is this guy that I really really like. We go to the same school and in the same class, but I don’t think he has ever noticed me. During winter break I finally gained the courage to talk to him, well BBM him. I sent him a flirty message, but it never delivered. He either didn’t have service or his phone was off. A few days went by as I sat there wondering why it wasn’t going through. I decided to call his phone and see if it went straight to voice mail, and it did! He must be away with his family on vacation.

His voice-mail message was super hot, he has such a deep and sexy voice plus he was so humorous. I really wanted my BFF to listen and enjoy it with me, so I played it for her. After the message finished, my friend and I started to go on and on about how sexy his voice was, and how I couldn’t wait for school to resume just so I can see him again. Just my luck, I obviously forgot to hang up the phone after the voice-mail ended. I left him a huge message. Great, just, great. Let us not forget that it is questionable that this guy even knew who I was, so to hear me talk about him like this would be the creepiest thing ever.

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