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“Meet The Parents”

It was a normal Sunday night and my boyfriend asked me to come over to hang out. I said yes and made my way over.
I was hoping we had the house to ourselves, but I didn’t ask him. When I go there I couldn’t hear any trace of noise, so I guessed we were.

He invited me in, gave me a kiss and then a sexy look. He grabbed my hand and brought me downstairs covering my eyes and saying,

“I have a surprise for you, make yourself comfy.”

I thought I knew what he meant… He then left the room to give me time and said he would be only five minutes. My mind began to wander, is he bringing body paint or handcuffs, what could my surprise be!! I began to take off my clothes knowing that he would be happy to see me naked by the time he got back. He then called me to come out into the room next door to his room. I walked out all proud of my self and walked into the living room butt naked and saw three shocked faces looking upon my body. He didn’t tell me the surprise was he wanted me to meet his parents!

– Anonymous

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