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“Juggling Men”

One night I went out with some friends to a bar, and managed to get myself pretty wasted. I ran into a guy who was good family friends with my ex boyfriend who I had heard of plenty of times before, though I had never met him. We ended up hanging out at the bar and dancing… and eventually we went home together. Back my ex’s family friends place, I got a phone call from this guy who I’ve been talking to and hanging out with a lot. I haven’t seen him for a bit because he left for the summer to go on an exchange program in Australia. Anyways, the guy I went home with ended up picking up the phone and saying hello! I quickly hung up because I didn’t know what to do – I couldn’t let this guy who is completely head over heels for me know that I was with another guy! My drunken state managed to get over the panic that he answered my phone, and a little while later at around 3 in the morning I drunk texted my ex boyfriend, and told him that I fucked up! He knew I was super drunk that night, and I’ve been avoiding his questions as to how I screwed up ever since! I later found out that my ex boyfriend found out about the drunken fling, now their families refuse to talk to each other. I guess they won’t be having any more group trips to the Caribbean this year.

– Anonymous

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