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“First Date Massacre”

This guy I have been crushing on for SOOO long finally asked me out to go for dinner. The dinner got a bit delayed because he broke his ankle the day we were supposed to go out on the date. He asked if we could go next week and I was fine with that. It was Friday and I spent all day getting ready. I decided to put my make up on and be myself and pray for a miracle. I don’t have a car so he asked if I could drive his car since he was on crutches. He decided to take me to this nice Chinese food place. I dropped him off in front because it seemed crowded through the window. I didn’t want him to have to walk far and he could get us a head start at getting seated. Dinner went great and we totally hit it off. We had so much in common that even after we got the bill we stayed seated and talking for 45 minutes more. I went to the parking lot to get the car and it was nowhere to be found. I ran inside to tell the restaurant and they informed me I parked in a tow-a-way zone. I was completely mortified. We had to cab home and it was $500 to get the car back. At least the dinner part went well? Lets hope I get that next date.


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