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“Crushed by my Crush”

I have a secret that I have been holding for years now and I would like to finally get it off my chest. In grade six I had this huge crush on a boy in my class. I thought he was the coolest guy to walk to earth, we all know now that Robert Pattinson has taken his place. I knew that my crush had these pair of red gap pants, and I knew my brother also had a pair as well. One day I decided to steal my brothers pants and start wearing them to school everyday until he wore them the same day. My plan was that this would give me something to talk to him about when I approached him. On the day where we were wearing the same pants I went up to him and said, “We are wearing the same pants!!” and he said, “I know, you wear them everyday.” Lets just say that it was a one way street of love.


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