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“Bitch Owned”

I was married to this guy for two years and everything seemed to be going great. Things began to spiral downwards when I snooped through his phone one afternoon while he was taking a nap. I found some dirty texts with one of his exes from years ago. I began to put the pieces together and realized I had been fooled all along. We had a shed in the backyard that he wouldn’t let me go in because it had “mold’ and was apparently “bad for my lungs.” I never thought twice about it until now. One weekend when he was gone I got a locksmith to come and open the shed. I found the shed full of his exes’ stuff, there were boxes labelled with her name and clothes on hangers. Why she would need to store stuff in my shed is beyond me. Anyways, I decided to take all her boxes and clothes and donate them to charities. I was never questioned as to where all the missing items went, although its completely obvious 😛


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