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“Bad Luck Bikini”

My boyfriend and I were going on a trip to Cuba, and I was last-minute packing. I rushed around my apartment when I realized only one of my bathing suits fit. I decided to run to the mall to pick one up so I had options and something sexy/new/exciting for my BF. I threw on one of my boyfriend’s button-up shirts he once left at my apartment and a pair of leggings. I didn’t wear a bra because I thought it would save time in the change room, and I am practically flat anyways.

Once I found the perfect hot pink bikini, It was time to leave the mall. Usually a simple task right? Well not for me.

I exited the mall through the main entrance which had huge revolving glass door to the parking lot. I stepped into the same section of the door behind this guy. I though he would hear and feel me squish in behind him bu he didn’t. He suddenly turned and pushed the door in the opposite direction. What was he thinking, who does that???

I felt something pulling be back very tightly, and then I realized the horror… my baggy shirt was caught in the door! I  panicked and started pushing forward. Then the worst happened: all the buttons on my top snapped.

My shirt was caught in the door, and the door stopped moving, I was trapped inside, topless. To top it all off, my hands were stuck in my sleeves, so my arms were pinned behind me! I had nothing to cover up my bare chest!

This mall being as busy as it is, groups of people were waiting to use the door, but it was jammed with me inside. I stood there and waiting for mall security and maintenance for 10 minutes. Worst ten minutes of my life. I have since thrown out that BAD LUCK BIKINI!

– Anonymous

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