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“I Think I Won”

So me and my girls went out for drinks one weekend. Danced to Wynter Gordon’s ‘Dirty Talk’ and even felt up on some men. Now heres the issue…One of the boys was married and his wife was by the bar. This lady comes up to me and asks to speak to me in the bathroom. I say sure and find out she is that dudes wife. We start arguing, even though I tell the woman he came up behind me, and before you know it she slaps me. Now being drunk I could have yelled back, slapped, or even text for help. But instead I rip out the tampon I’m using, and I then whip the used stick at the woman’s face. After that the woman screamed and scrubbed her face. I like to think I won :)


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    junho Lee
    May 18, 2012 at 8:45 pm

    That’s so funny!!!!!

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