“Decoy Brush”

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 Decoy Brush

“So I have one of the worst roommates around, I mean… nothing gets worse then living with a girl who deals with her anger VERY vocally. When she screams over things like cleanliness, it is almost like she is practicing for a soap opera. Anyway, last year my roommate and I got in a huge fight over the upkeep of the kitchen in our house. I was going home for the weekend to visit my family (and she was staying in our house). I just sensed something bad was coming my way while I was out-of-town for a few days, so I decided to put all food that could be tampered with in a separate fridge locked in my room and all other valuables stored away. When I came back from the weekend, our house was looking pretty normal, I quickly inspected all my valuables and stumbled across some filth and hair all over my toothbrush, I guess in her fit of rage she missed the little sign on my toothbrush holder stating, “DECOY BRUSH.”

- Anonymous

  • Michele

    she sounds like a menace!

  • karenk

    She needs to get a life!!