How to Wear Lace Shorts

Lace shorts can be a little tricky to pull off. As flirty and cute as they may be, they could turn up looking more like lingerie, pajama pants or something along those lines. So here’s a few tips on how you could wear your white, cream & black lace shorts.

Try pairing different and unexpected fabrics with your lace shorts!

For the spring or fall, opt for some oversized cashmere pullover.

As for the current hot and sunny season, try denim! (Denim is super trendy this summer!)

Pair the shorts with a classic blouse and add a pop of colour with neon wedges.

Or.. Try a sleeveless floral button up that contains shades lighter or darker than the shorts. 

Finish off with accessories that can balance the colour scheme of your outfit.

Add some leather, tights or ankle booties for a more rebellious look.

Another idea? Put lace on lace. The trick for the whole lace – on – lace look is to contrast your colours carefully. So white on black, white on red.. etc.

(To be safe: Stick with neutral colours! …..Ready for a challenge: Try colour blocking!)

Pull this look together with a pop of colour – and a (vintage) yellow satchel.


Hope that gives you some fresh ideas on how to wear those adorable lacey shorts!


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