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The Worst Dressed at The 2012 VMAs

On Thursday night, MTV hosted their annual Video Music Awards.  In previous years, music’s most extravagant stars had walked the VMAs carpet in some of the most ridiculous (but memorable) ensembles. While many stars rocked the night effortlessly, some just missed the point.

Here are your worst (not craziest) dressed of the 2012 VMAs.  (It’s okay ladies, you are all still beautiful.)

Alicia Keys:

Not only did this metallic coloured gown have a ridiculously high leg slit, (that had “Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Oscars” written all over it) but the fit is also completely off. This Alexandre Vauthier dress does nothing for Alicia Key’s amazing figure . Last but not least, the colour is just not right for Miss Keys. It might just be all the flash photography, but the off-gray shade does nothing for Alicia Key’s usually glowing skin tone. Sorry Alicia, we still love you though!

Nicki Manaj:

 So you would think we would be used to this “Starships” stars’ outfits by now, but we can’t help but wince when Nicki Manaj stepped out in this ridiculous Versace jumpsuit. It wouldn’t have been too bad if the outrageous embellished beading on this jumpsuit and neon yellow hair didn’t outshine Manaj’s beautifully curvy figure and gorgeous face & makeup. Nicki, better luck next time.

Missy Franklin:

I pay great respect to this gold medalist swimmer, but I’m not the biggest fan of her outfit choice. She looked adorable, but not so much award-show worthy. Her simple red dress does nothing for her amazingly fit swimmer’s body. Her little kitten heels in the wrong shade of nude, didn’t do much to show off her strong, long and lean legs either. But on the “gold” side (see what I did there), her smile and hair looks fabulous.

Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola 

Jersey shore star, Sammi Giancola walks the red carpet in this sorry to say, but very cheap looking Julia Clancey strapless mini. The glittery material and odd gold detailing looks cheap and very spandex like. Maybe it’s just the glittery effect and gold bows, but does this outfit remind you of just some cute Halloween costume?  On the other hand, your gorgeous hair and makeup is breathtaking.

Zoe Saldana:

There’s some pretty mixed reviews out there about this one, but in my opinion the usual glamourous Saldana did not rock last night’s VMAs in this hot and itchy looking wool dress. This Salvatore Ferragmao was just not fit for a VMA outfit. Just a bit to0 conservative and a bit too wintery for my liking (it’s not even fall yet). But you can’t deny, this would be a pretty acceptable outfit under other circumstances.


Okay, when I first saw this picture I thought this pop diva was holding some kind of animal by its tail. But hold your horses animal lovers, it’s just one odd looking furry purse. Ke$ha’s overly mini and floral sheer dress also did not help my first impression of this ensemble. Way too messy, especially paired with the animal-purse-thing and her overly bleached hair. But props to her for stepping it up from her past Home Depot trash bag outfits! (Also really admiring those black pumps!)

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