Prepare Your Valentine’s Day Outfit!

While Cupid is busy preparing his bows and arrows, its time for you to start thinking about your Valentine’s Day plans. (Even if those plans might include cuddling up to your little kittens all night!)

February 14th is coming, and whether you love it or hate it you won’t be able to avoid it. But no matter what your relationship status is on Valentine’s Day, its always a blast to be able to dress up for any particular holiday. So why not pull out all those red mini skirts, heels, and dresses and try a few on. Make the best out of this years Valentine’s day!

From fancy romantic dinner dates, to a crazy night out with your best friends, here are a few different Valentine’s Day ideas and outfits that would guarantee a couple of hugs and kisses just for you.

Not too much of a romantic? Try something more subtle and go with a darker red and black. Add accessories accordingly to match the outfit’s theme. For a more casual feel, try bangles, chunky bracelets or statement rings! As too a dressier option, stick to those simple yet elegant jewelry pieces.

If you aren’t really feeling the dresses and skirts, don’t worry you aren’t alone! You can still add a touch of Valentine’s Day spirit to your outfit by adding some vibrant red footwear or accessories. These Jeffrery Campbell’s are a great way to add some edgy flavour to your outfit this Valentine’s Day!

Well here we have a dressier outfit choice. With a bright red dress, belted with a thin black belt, you’ll be able to accentuate your curves while playing up your girly side. Take a step up with a pair of cute heels. Then if its chilly, a peacoat will go perfectly with any sort of dress.

Last but definitely not least, the perfect long sleeve dress. With cutouts on the elbows, you’ll look chic and confident in this laid back look. Perfect for a crazy night out with your girls, this cutout dress can be paired with wedges or even some rocker-chic boots!  Always leave them wanting more! 

You see, for the most part, the majority of us don’t  get many times per year where we get the chance to strut around in an little red dress or skirt. So why not play it up on this special day? Good luck, have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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