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Closing The Gender Gap: Men’s Fashion

While attending an outdoor concert deep in the fine state of Michigan (sarcasm) with friends and family, the males in our party were quick to notice the appearance of our fellow concert attendees. However it was not the girls, but the guys that stood out. They consistently commented upon the style, grooming and fashion choices (or lack thereof) of the guys in the crowd.

As a young man in Bud Light shorts and Confederate Flag homemade wife beater walked past us, my friend yelled, “Yo, that’s real nice, way to keep it 21st century.”

The comments would continue, “If you aren’t Derrick Rose, don’t wear a shirt that says you are. You are a grown man, that’s just emasculating,” and with each remark, I was became more and more uncomfortable. I realized that the gun laws in the United States, along with the  failures of the free market in the state of Michigan, added up to the conclusion that these people were probably not the type to take lightly to sauced up Canadian boys with big mouths.

Yet, I also saw this as a critic on men’s fashion. Men are judging other men for leaving the house without proper grooming and/or style consideration. Men care about fashion and they maybe even slightly insulted by the lack of attention given by their counterparts that haven’t gotten the memo yet.

The end of the unfashionable male is very near, if it’s not here already. Many men are making an effort in their appearance. Notable men in the media are leading the pack. The NBA Champions, the Miami Heat, are always fresh in public. They rival females at red carpet events and in their presence and dollars dropped on 5th Avenue and Rodeo Drive.

The Oklahoma City Thunder lean into hipster culture with their fashion choices. First liners Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, consistently sport hipster appeal at press conferences.

Yet, fashion isn’t the only area where guys are stepping up their game. Men’s fashion blogs, magazines, and websites are on the rise.

Channing Tatum recently told People Magazine, that in preparation for his new film, Magic Mike, he worked out three hours a day, followed a gluten-free diet, used self-tanner daily and even waxed body parts. It used to be that female actors would go to these extremes. Today, both genders do so, in an attempt for an outstanding and realistic performance in their art of choice.

Hollywood’s super sexy Channing Tatum, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Alex Pettyfer, Ryan Gosling and Liam Hemsworth usher in a new era of leading men. Today, casting director’s won’t give Bruce Willis a second look, much less a leading role.

Sure, there has always been guys, especially youth, that are prim and proper. Especially if there is even a small chance they are going to pick up. However, we are entering a stage, where like women, men are expected to follow fashion and trends.

Swag is for boys, class is for men.

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    January 17, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    Awful article

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    September 1, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    While I agree that the unfashionable man is going of style, it isn’t quite there yet. Though restricting men’s fashion to just suits and formal wear is stupid. Fashion is a medium of self-expression within the guidelines of good taste. The necessary thing is helping people develop their personal style and an eye for fashion. Btw I’m from Michigan, what exactly is wrong with the state aside from the Government?

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