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Know Your Trends: Dirndl Skirts!

So unfortunately (or fortunately) we live in a generation that has become accustomed to short and tight skirts. But as shorter hemlines become the new fad, beautiful and romantic traditional bottoms lose their place in everyday fashion. But as we know, the fashion industry loves to pull ideas out of the black bag. As you can tell by the title, the dirndl skirts were one of them!

Dirndl skirts (pronounced dern-del) were originally created as a German cultural costume. Most commonly worn for Oktoberfest, these skirts are full, flirty, over-the-knee, circular cut skirts. They create the perfect girly look and are perfect for an adorable office outfit or an upcoming date!

From the streets of fashion capitals to Taylor Swift and Eva Mendes, dirndl skirts have become the latest fashion statement. Spring is approaching and as you may see above, these dirndl skirts are adorably cute!

For the spring outfit, pair a dirndl with simple top, flats (like Taylor Swift) or wedges (like Eva Mendes)! Dirndl’s will give you the retro and vintage feel you’ve been wishing for!

Of course these skirts don’t have to be seasonal. 

Since its still snowing out there, let’s not get to excited for spring.

Pull together the perfect winter outfit with a dirndl skirt.

Leave the florals for the warmer weathers, and find a dirndl with a solid, more heavier print.

Pair them up with some tights to stay warm. (Tights are also a great way to create an allusion of longer legs!)

As for the tops, a long-sleeved blouse, a plain top or a cardigan will go along perfectly to create the perfect retro feel.

If you decided to go with a simpler look, a bold statement jewelry piece would actually enhance the simplicity mood of your outfit!

 Celine Pre-Fall 2013 collection.

Enjoy your dirndls! Comment below and let me know how you’ll be rocking the newest skirt trend of the season!

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