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What’s Trending? Skulls!

Remember when skulls were strictly associated with Halloween and horror films? What happened to make them so immensely popular in fashion? Alexander McQueen happened! The fashion designer created a line of silk skull scarves and the rest is history. Skulls continue to withhold a position on the fashion radar, making bold statements everywhere. They have been trending on the streets in various forms.



We adore everything Lucy Hale wears on Pretty Little Liars including the skeletal t-shirt she wore. She then appeared in  a fabulous skull printed skirt on another episode of the hit show. Somehow she manages to make everything look chic!



Skull jewelry is also a great way to mix in the edgy design.


This set of bracelets is only $18.00 at Aldo Accessories!

  Miley Cyrus is constantly surprising us with new looks. Although they may be shocking at first, each one grows on us over time like this skeleton romper.

What are your thoughts on the skull trend?

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