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Top Tumblr Fashion Trends

Over the last couple of years, Tumblr has become a simple way to express individual style, personality, thoughts and well pretty pictures.  Inspiring people everywhere to live up their individuality and style, Tumblr’s popularity (and Tumblr Fashion) has risen tremendously.

Without further delay, here are the top Tumblr Fashion Trends:

1. Statement Rings:

Seen everywhere on Tumblr, statement rings have become one of jewelry’s most prominent trends. With these bold, large and screaming accessories, you can spin any simple outfit into pure creativity. These rings will definitely allow anyone to showcase their own unique creativity and imagination. 





2. Pastel Colour Hair: 

Pastel hair can be spotted everywhere. From A-list celebrities and fashion runways to street fashion and Tumblr, wild coloured hair is one of the most “Tumblr famous” trends. Although very damaging to your hair, these pretty pastel colours will most definitely turn heads and prove to the world you aren’t afraid to stand out.





3. Studded Denim Shorts:  

This summer trend has rocker chic written all over it. Thanks to Tumblr, the studded high-waisted denim shorts trend has risen quite quickly. A big plus to this trend is the ability to pair almost everything with these and still make a strong statement. With this bold and edgy look, anyone can embrace their inner rebellion.





4. Oxford Shoes:  

Let’s backtrack a bit. This vintage trend started in the 1800s where fashion was based on practicality. Now, this vintage inspired footwear can be seen on multiple fashion runways, magazines, blogs etc. Bringing a soft and classic feel to an outfit, oxford flats are simple and easy ways to add a special flare to your everyday style.


5.  Tie-dye Everything:

Scroll through any typical teenage girl’s Tumblr and you’ll most likely find something tie-dye. Fashion is a cycle after all, and this 60s hipster trend has returned, or maybe just never left. From basic tie-dye shirts to denim, this multi-coloured trend allows you to channel your own 60s hipster. One of the best perks about this trend? Fun, easy & Affordable.


6. Tribal Print Everything:  

Tribal print is an ethnic pattern that now-a-days is seen on multiple fashionable items. This summer, tribal shorts have risen to become one of the hottest trends out there. With its geometric shapes, lines and colours, this nature inspired print is not going anywhere anytime soon.


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