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What’s Trending? Women Shaving Their Heads!

“What Are We Doing Today? Highlights? Cut?” Nah, Just Shave The Whole Thing…

If you have hit up a trendy club or restaurant in a major city in the past month or so, you might have noticed an increase of girls with buzzed heads as a sexy addition to the rest of their killer rock star outfit.

Women shave their head for a variety of reasons:  practical, religious, cultural and aesthetic, being just a few. Recently Willow Smith and Charlize Theron have both buzzed for aesthetic purposes, and it is becoming a trend to do so.

Buzzing an entire head of hair off is like signing up for a three-year cellphone contract so that you get the new iPhone for free. Like, you really want that iPhone because it’s sweet, beautiful and amazing, but in three months it’s going to be out of date. You are committed for three years and stuck with that phone.

The shaved head is glorious. It’s gorgeous but it’s also a huge commitment. If you are committed to Rihanna level style 24/7, then maybe shaved or semi-shaved head wouldn’t be that big of a deal for you. For the majority, we don’t fully submit to trends, especially in the long-term. If shaved hair, bright lips, and jean vests are what’s hot, we pick one of those things.

Going out dressed like Amber Rose every night isn’t something that most people are into.

Rose, can rock it due to her lifestyle. On the flip side, bald hair is one of the most beautiful natural looks out there.

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