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To Cover-Up Or Not To Cover-Up

Ladies, if you’ve been fashion forward since you were very young, then you might remember your mother’s advice to cover-up a bit. Maybe mini-skirts were all the rage. Tube tops? Even Belly skirts.  The desire for many young girls to show their fashionable sides usually leads to them just showing more skin. This is okay. Many fashionistas go through this phase and it’s perfectly normal. In fact, your mother probably dressed in a way similar to you in her time, pushing the envelope of what was acceptable for her era.


It’s just a right of passage. Showing skin is empowering and allows us to take ownership of our bodies and be prideful of them. But luckily we are not in the 80’s or 90’s or Earlier 2000’s when most fashionable clothing seemed to just show everything.  2012 has really seen the rise of more conservative, yet no less stylish clothing. This is partly as a result of vintage inspired looks and people opting for a more “classy” appearance. This doesn’t mean to be stylish you have to only pull things from granny’s wardrobe; it means more choices and more versatility.

Try long skirts that extend to the knees and beyond. They can be floral or solid, heavy or breezy.

Crop-top with a long skirt? Why not? As a fashionista, you should be comfortable showing as much or as little skin as you like. There isn’t just one simple option. Explore all of the options available to you. Mix and Match.

How about a long-sleeved blouse? These babies can be worn on any occasion, whether it’s a casual occasion or a more formal one. You can even pair a nice long-sleeved blouse with a really short, flaring skirt or non-denim shorts.


The take home:

Expand your fashion choices. You will look bolder and more fashion forward if you can change it up every once in a while. Showing less skin is not the day’s equivalent of old maid anymore, nor is showing less the equivalent of town harlot. It just takes some girls a little longer to realize that if they are truly fashionable, they can make heads turn in both a tight mini-dress, and in an outfit covering every last inch of their bodies.

As time goes on, many people are becoming more comfortable showing off their bodies, which is empowering and great. But on the flip side, the classic, conservative look will always be in vogue and items from this side of the spectrum are always a good choice to change things up or diversify. Whatever you choose to do, stay chic.

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