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Style Trend: Sheer Sensation

It’s no secret we all love to be in style and on trend. Sheer is making a sensational fashion statement this season. Sheer can have many looks and be worn in a variety of ways!  With some very creative and classy styling, sheer doesn’t have to be only worn for a sexy night out anymore.  Here are some ways you can create a Style Sheer Sensation!

Sheer By Day

Sheer during the day is appropriate, only if worn correctly though!  The most important thing for a day sheer style is what’s underneath.  You want your look to be polished and neat.  The best way to pull this off is by wearing a like-colored cami and bra.  Keep the look simple and embellish it with a great shoe and accessories.


Black is safe and one of the most classy colors we have in fashion, it’s for sure a good way to sheer your day style.  I used a black sheer bow tie blouse and paired it with skinny black slacks.  This will automatically give you a slim silhouette, yay!  A black tank and bra should be worn under this blouse.  You don’t want to draw attention to the sheer, you only want the illusion to be the focus.  The heels I picked are compliment the black and the gold adds some spice to the look.  I used the oversized clutch to add some color and the earrings to give it some excitement.

Sheer Elegance

Sheer can make you feel flawless and beautiful while making an amazing fashion statement.  Styling means everything when showcasing a trend the way you want it.  We all have our own comfort zone when it comes to dressing.  It’s always great to have the knowledge and feel comfortable to embrace many looks, styles and trends!

I’ve picked this sheer blush dress with a modest ruffle neckline to style.  The light color, small details, and softness of the dress make for an effortless elegance.  Its subtle sheerness gives it a hint of sex appeal that’s not over the top.  You want to make sure you are wearing the proper panties.  A nude full panty should work fine but just do a double-check to be sure.  I’ve paired it with a peep toe multi-color patterned heel.  I added the bangles to complete the look. The dress speaks for itself, and there is little need for much extra.

Sheer By Night

Your night look is your chance to bring sexy back!  You have the freedom to be edgy and wild with your sheer!  Depending on your comfort level, you do not have to wear a cami under a sheer top, but definitely need a bra.  This is the time to be spontaneous with a printed or studded bra, maybe even a bright color under a sheer top.  Never go overboard, keep it classy! If you have tummy troubles then go with a bold pattern to do some camo work.  If not then go for a solid sheer!

For your night out lets wear a flowy printed sheer top and leather islets shorts.  Gave it a rocker edge with the spike cuff then added a colored bootie to give it some shoe style. You can pick any of the colors in the print to coordinate your bra.  I’m going to leave that up to you!

I think you are on the runway to be a Sheer Sensation!

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