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The Hottest Trends for Spring 2013

The snow is melting, the sun is shining! After a few months of shivering cold weather, spring 2013 is here!

While the temperature continues to rise, we begin to wonder what trends are need of an update this season. Luckily for you, we’re here to make it easier. Here are the 3 hottest spring 2013 trends that will leave everyone within a 10 kilometre/mile radius in owe!


We’ve all seen them. The dresses, shirts, leggings with little teases of skin peeking through.

The perfect way to accentuate curves and to show off toned shoulders, backs and stomachs. And don’t worry if you haven’t started toning up for the summer, because cutouts just so happen to be the perfect way to set a exquisite allusion for a fit and toned body!

Lets not forget the accessories though. Beautiful bags with intricate cutout patterns, were all over the runway.





One my my personal favourites, this hot pink Valentino cutout shoulder bag. (Above) And what girl can deny  an eye-catching pink?


Structured Bottoms: 

From dirndl skirts to tailored shorts, structured bottoms were seen all over the most prestigious spring and summer runways.

These bottoms are made for statement, for expression and obviously for fashion! Their unique structures give bodies new lines and shapes.

These tailored shorts are perfect for the work environment. Unlike jean shorts (or mini shorts), they up the dressy factor while keeping the hemlines appropriate for office attire. Usually high waisted, these bottoms will elongate the legs giving off the perfect allusion of longer, leaner spring 2013 legs!

As for the structured skirts, these bottoms add just a bit of flare and flirt to any outfit. These structured skirts will give your outfit the perfect bounce and shape you always wanted.

So forget those boring pencil skirts and denim shorts, because its time for structures to do wonders!


Leather & Lace: 

Leather is no longer just for the colder seasons. Say hello to spring leather!

Together, leather and lace create the perfect couple. With leather adding the touch of edgy, rocker chic to the equation and lace toning it down with its soft and feminine vibes, this combination is flawless.

I guarantee the majority of leather will be neon bright or pastel based colours, but don’t let them intimate you! Pair pastels with light shades such as white, while experiment around with the brighter picks.

In addition, with leather and lace, you can take colour blocking to a new level. Add dimension and experiment with different fabrics, textures and of course colour!

This spring 2013 trend is meant to be fun, bold and eccentric. Let loose, experiment and enjoy!


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