Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

It’s that time of the year again! Green grass, colourful tulips and warm breezy winds…Yes you guessed it, Spring has arrived. And you bet you know what that means. It’s time for the…Spring 2013 Fashion Trends!

Like always, spring is a time of renewal, rebirth and of course, a radiant colour palette! There is no doubt the classic spring trends (pastels, light denim, floral etc.) will pop up all over those retail stores, but we’ve got a list of the must-haves for this spring season.

So here we go: here’s an accumulation of what you will be wanting to rock this spring!

The Maxi

You’ve seen it, you’ve tried it, and we dare you to try it again! These skirts are great for the spring, where the weather isn’t quite hot enough for the shorter skirts to be coming long out. Of course, maxi dresses and skirts are great for changing up your usual casual and laid-back look. Comfortable and stylish, this is a guarantee trend for this spring.

The Skater

 These carefully pleated skirts and dresses are perfectly adorable for the sunny weather. Ditch the pencil skirts, as these much more comfortable bottoms are here to stay for the season! The structure of these skirts are much more fun and flirty (rather than sexy), but sometimes…that’s just what a girl need! 

The Graphic Tee’s

Graphic tee’s are probably the most comfortable and mindless fashion trend out there. We are all fond of the simplicity graphic tee’s bring. Pair them up with a pair of shorts, and you’ll be up and ready in no time. Let’s not forget about the variety and choices of graphic tee’s. From band tee’s to superhero ones, I promise you will never have enough.

The Denim

Last spring and summer season, denim everything made its way to the top of the fashion trends. It’s versatile, its convenient and its everywhere! In addition, denim, unlike other fabrics, usually have a longer life expectancy – so it’s usually worth your money.

The Cutouts

Another big trend of the year: cut-out pieces have been seen all over the runway in all the seasons. It’s evident that these pieces are not only different, new and exciting, but they’re also incredibly fun! This rather new trend, is giving a new perspective on showing off skin. No longer is it only about the arms, legs or shoulders.. It’s all about the midriff and small unexpected peeks of skin!

The Bold Stripes

Bold vertical stripes wins retro trend of the year! This smart trend is perfect for the spring. Unlike the usual spring prints (like floral and lace), stripes are a bold new way of playing around with patterns and illusions. I call this a smart trend, because stripes tend to shape our body accordingly. Vertical stripes help elongate our body, giving off an illusion of a slimmer frame.

The Statement Sunglasses

Last, but certainly not least, bold, statement sunglasses are the go-to accessories this season! Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but you’ll be able to quickly add to your spring look. Take a risk, and try on a pair you would never even dare come near! Because spring is all about coming out, having fun and trying something new!


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