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Why Short Prom Dresses are Popular Today

Are you excited for the upcoming prom night? You are not alone, since the majority of senior students are looking forward to this special event. Our usual perception of prom is a formal gathering wherein the guys wear a tuxedo or suit and the girls flaunt elegant long dresses.


In today’s generation, there is a major trend that has been making a huge impression on the prom scene and that is short dress! Many senior girls are choosing short dresses for the prom instead of the typical and more formal, longer gowns. Long dress is no longer the choice ensemble for prom. The short prom dress has become a popular option due to its notable benefits.


Advantages of Choosing Short Prom Dress


  • Can be worn in any occasion


If you have a long prom gown, chances are, it will just sit in the closet after the prom unless you need to attend a party that requires you to wear a long dress. But if you prefer a short prom dress, you can wear it on other occasions, such as birthdays, dinner, family gatherings, and parties. It means that you can re-wear the dress at some events in the future.


  • Comfortable and Easy to move around


Long prom dresses are floor length, making it harder for the user to move from one spot to another. Whereas the short prom dresses are usually above the knee in length, which gives easy mobility. Aside from the fact that short dresses are eye-catching, such kind of prom dress can offer more comfort as compared to the long one because it has lesser weight. With a short dress, you do not have to pull up the bottom when you get up from your seat just to make sure that you will not step on the hem. Short prom dress allows you to move around freely, especially in going to the dance floor.


  • Much Cheaper


Longer gown means more textile needed to create the dress, which implies higher cost. For short prom dress, a few meters of cloth are only needed to make the gown, costing you half the price of the long gown. Wearing short dress enables you to spend less and save money for the accessories, such as jewelry, purse and footwear, to highlight your outfit.


  • Show off Footwear


Footwear is an important accessory when you wear a dress. But buying a designer high heels or pumps is useless if you wear a long gown to the prom since it will be hidden under your dress. You will not be able to flaunt the shoes that you have been saving for a few months. Thus, it is pointless to don a designer shoes like Jimmy Choo or Armani with a long dress. Meanwhile, if you opt for a short prom dress, you can show off your lean legs and your precious footwear.


  • Several Types of Short Dress Skirts


Another reason why short dresses are popular choice nowadays is the variety of skirt designs. Short prom dress comes with a variety of skirt types, which can suit different personalities. For instance, the bubble and tulip hemmed short dresses can add a special finishing touch to a fearless look. Meanwhile, short dress with cascade hem can give off a bold appeal with a splash of romantic yet edgy look. Other designs include accordion pleating, A-line skirt, and bodycon. The choices of skirt designs are endless, giving you more options to decide on.


Why short prom dresses are popular today?


Short dress has changed our preconception about prom outfit. It introduced a different perspective when it comes to what to wear to the prom night. Short dress has put a unique twist on the typical formal gown, giving the girls freedom to wear what they want and not to be bound by the tradition of wearing long prom dress. The high style quotient of short prom dress makes it in-demand to the new generation for a more classy and sophisticated look.



About the Author: Sophie White is a fashion blogger based in Australia. Her passion for dresses, hairstyle, and self-expression has inspired her to lead the online marketing campaign for Prom Outfitters, a prom boutique based in Brooklyn, NY.

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