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Santana Lopez, portrayed by Naya Rivera, went from a minor background singer to a full fledged soloist. Lopez began the show as a villain, working with Sue Sylvester to take down the glee club from the inside. She has a strong attitude and uses her words to keep people from getting too close. By the third season, Lopez reveals she is a lesbian and becomes involved in a serious relationship with her best friend Brittany Pierce.

During the first season Lopez spends most of her time sabotaging people and being promiscuous – specifically with bad boy Puck. She continues to work with Sue to subtly tear Rachel away from New Directions, using Rachel’s crush Finn. By the end of the season she admits she hated everyone in the glee club but is now a committed member, and gets her first solo.

During season two it is revealed that Lopez got breast implants over the summer. This act was to boost her popularity and self confidence. Lopez quits the Cheerios mid season after Sue wants to shoot Brittany out of a canon. Sensing the danger in this act and the compassionate speech by Finn, Lopez chooses The New Directions.

In order to get Kurt back to McKinley High, Lopez blackmails his bully Dave Karofsky. They agree to be each others beards and form a club to stop all bullying at McKinley High. Their plan works and Kurt returns which helps both of them with their personal lives. By the third season, Lopez and Brittany are officially dating and she no longer has a need for Dave. Lopez comes out to her parents, who are supportive of her new sexual orientation.

Due to a lack of solos Lopez, Brittany and Mercedes deflect to opposing glee club The Troubletones. When The Troubletones lose to New Directions at Sectionals, the girls are invited back into the glee club, which they happily accept.

Santana received a full cheerleading scholarship to the University of Louisville at the end of season three. Realizing that college wasn’t what she wanted in life, Lopez turns down the offer and decides New York is where she wants to be.

Lopez is a strong and surprisingly self conscious girl with a penchant for tight and revealing outfits. Lopez wears short dresses and skirts to keep people away from her real self; she also has a strong personality, which shines through her wardrobe. Her edgy attitude is revealed in strong pieces, while her softer feminine side is seen through cardigans, knee socks and pearl earrings.

Santana Lopez 1
Lopez likes outfits that show off her rocking body. This look showcases her love of skin tight, short dresses. Keeping the look youthful is the knee socks and bright colours. Lopez never shies away from being the center of attention and the bright yellow jacket will definitely draw eyes towards her. While her look may be simple, it is fierce and flattering.
Santana Lopez
Once Lopez was free from her Cheerios uniform, she showed off her sultry side. Wearing a corset and tight fitting jeans, Lopez flaunts her sex appeal. Lopez uses this sex appeal to hide the fact that she is self conscious, in flaunting her attributes Lopez is keeps people at bay – focusing only on what is on the outside. The jewelry helps to class up the outfit and pull everything together.
Santana Lopez 3
Lopez’s outfits expose different aspects of her personality. This look in particular displays her attitude with strappy combat boots, while showcasing her feminine side with a bright red skirt.  The leopard print cardigan shows her sultriness. This look is fierce  and it is perfectly in tune with Lopez’s strong personality.

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