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Get The Look of Ruby Sparks!

Ruby Sparks (Zoe Kazan) is what I would consider the perfect woman. She is beautiful, quirky and completely in love with Calvin Weir-Fields (Paul Dano) – because he wrote her this way.

Ruby is a fictional character developed from a dream. Every memory they shared was written in the pages of Calvin’s novel. When Ruby appears, a unique opportunity presents itself, but instead of controlling her he stops writing, believing she is perfect just as she is. Calvin is very insular and due to Ruby’s excitable and outgoing personality, Calvin is forced to try new things.

Ruby’s wardrobe changes by the end of the film. When things begin to get rocky between the lovebirds she opts for more muted colours. While she is still Ruby, wearing a bold pattern, she does not have the same bold colours.

Ruby is a free spirit, loves life and has a bright energy. Her wardrobe exudes this aspect of her personality. Ruby’s hippie, painter lifestyle is also seen through her wardrobe, wearing flow-y or shift dresses and blouses. Her wardrobe and personality is the exact opposite of Calvin. She loves colour and patterns, using every aspect of her outfit to be bright and loud.

Ruby Sparks
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