Need Room for New Fashions? Sell Your Old Handbags!

Posted by Secrets of a Good Girl in Fashion

In fashion everyone knows that accessories can make or break an outfit. Coco Chanel even highlighted the importance of proper accessorizing when she said: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”

In a world where fashion trends tend to repeat themselves every 20 years, it’s easy to find yourself with a lot of outdated accessories that no longer fit your fashion palette; this includes your designer handbags.

If your handbags seem dated, you can always put them in storage until they become current again, or you can sell your designer handbags for cash, and use that money to buy an updated bag.

Why Sell Your Handbag?

You may be wondering why you should sell your bags, especially if they are dated. After all, who would want to buy last season’s fashions? The truth is that there are plenty of women who would love to own an older, gently used, designer bag. For example, many women adopt a certain style and stick with it, even as fashions change. For these women, an older bag may fit their personal style perfectly.

How to Sell Your Handbag:

There are several ways that you can sell your bags, and some methods are better than others.

Best Method: A Luxury Goods Buyer

A luxury goods buyer is a company that specializes in appraising and pricing jewelry, handbags and other accessories. Luxury goods buyers are the best method because they offer individuals the opportunity to sell their designer handbags at fair market prices, and with a quick cash payout. If you are reluctant to completely part with your bag, the buyer can also issue you a loan against the value of your bag(s); and they will return the bag once you pay the loan.

Decent Method: Consignment Shops

A consignment shop takes your gently used fashions, resells them in the shop, and gives you a portion of the sale. Consignment shops are a decent method because the store takes care of brokering the sale and, because you retain ownership of the bag, you can back out of the arrangement at any time. However, it could take a while for you to get your money, and the sale is dependent on someone going into the store and seeing the item. Also, the consignment shop might not sell the bag for fair market value, and you could end up making less than if you went with a luxury goods buyer.

Lesser Method: Selling Online

Online services like, eBay and Craigslist, give you the opportunity to reach a broad audience. Online selling is considered a lesser method because, you control the pricing, and get most of the profits from the sale; but it could take a while for the item to sell. You are also responsible for handling all of the details of the sale, including delivering the item to the buyer. Finally, selling online has a higher risk of scamming and fraud, such as customers paying with a fake cashier’s check, or stolen credit card.

Selling your designer handbags can help you stay fashion forward, while giving you a financial return on your investment. The key is in making sure you use the right method to move your merchandise. Luxury buyers are the best option for a quick and reliable transaction.