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Promising Back To School Fall Fashion Trends!

Clothes may not be everything, but when back to school time rolls around the corner, they are!

As all fashionistas know, fashion trends come and go as quickly as you change your nail polish each week.

It is quite challenging to keep up to date with what is hot and what is not.

Back to school clothing in the 70s consisted of bell-bottoms, the 80s brought about Members-Only jackets, and the 90s were composed of flannel shirts and grunge denim.

So what is popping for the fall of 2012? And what is going to give you that sassy confidence for getting back into school this year?




stripes for fall

Last year’s bold and colorful stripes were all over schools, but times have changed! Now super thin stripes, which we saw on dresses and tops all over the runway this year, will make their grand entrance into schools. Stripes have remained classical, timeless, edgy, and fun over the years. Designers have used stripes in every size and color, but this year thin stripes are taking over. They’re popping up everywhere, and you won’t be able to escape it. Don’t miss out on getting your stripe on!



Fashion Exposed!!!

Color isn’t only for summer wardrobes anymore. Designers are brightening up what was once a black, brown, gray, and off-white season. What are the top four colors you will be seeing in your favorite store you may ask? Tangerine, royal blue, pinks, and purples which are some of my personal favorites for summer that are now also in for fall!

Whether you want to add a splash of color or dive into full, bright tones, there is a way to accommodate each fashionista’s tastes. For those on the more tamed side of color, add a bright belt or a pair of dashing earrings. If you’re the more daring type, jump into a pair of colorful jeans with matching accessories.



Street style: Color blocking

Are you even more adventurous when it comes to color? Try color blocking! This trend first made its entrance in the 80’s and 90’s. Color blocking is simply splashes of color used to create one harmonized look. This requires some thinking outside the box; some may think you don’t match, but we consider it high fashion! Think of a shade that will compliment your bright orange hued blazer and striped, sheer chemise. Match it with a pair of yellow jeggings and a neutral pair of shoes, and you’re in business!



Tribal Print.

Colorful tribal print blouses and tops are another fashion trend that has carried over into fall lines. Tribal prints bring spunk to your everyday look. To stand out in a crowd one must be daring, so match a pair of tribal print leggings with casual wedges and a blazer. This will ensure that you stand out from your classmates. The combination of colors and the elaborate designs will definitely throw your classmates under a hypnotic spell.



Untitled #1016

We all know that the 80’s never really went away in terms of fashion, and this year fall designers are using inspiration from the era’s puffy sleeve look. Puffy sleeves can emphasize a waist or willowy frame. Pair the top with a pair of skinnies and knee-high booties. The bold puffs draw the eye of your classmates upwards and away from potential insecure areas. With such a bold look, make sure you walk with confidence, don’t let the look carry you. It’s a soft yet dramatic look that will have all your classmates envying you!


You can secure your spot at the head of the class this fall with these simple fashion tips! The first day of school is otherwise known as the most important day of the year because it is your chance to show off how much your style has improved over the summer and be a trendsetter for the new semester. Be daring, original, bold, and most of all, be confident. But remember that no matter what you end up wearing, you are bound to have a great year!

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