Moonrise Kingdom Fashion – Suzy Bishop – Get The Look!

Posted by Seana Stevenson in Fashion

“What kind of bird are you?“ These were the first words uttered by Suzy Bishop’s love Sam Shakusky. In an instant these two fell in love and through their correspondences they decide to run away together. This begins the epic story of Moonrise Kingdom, written by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola.

Suzy Bishop, portrayed by newcomer Kara Hayward, is a rebellious tween. She loves French music and fantasy books, preferably with a female heroine.

Since the movie is set in 1965, Suzy is fully decked out in sixties fashion. Her colour palette stays within innocent pinks and yellows – though she is far from angelic. Her outfits are completed with pristine knee socks and ‘Sunday school shoes,’ even though she objects to the name. Her feminine outfits contradict her personality in the best way, giving her character depth.

To achieve Suzy’s look all you need are Peter Pan collared dresses, knee socks and saddle shoes. To go full Suzy Bishop add binoculars and you are all set.

Suzy Bishop
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