Moonrise Kingdom Fashion – Khaki Scout Troop – Get The Look!

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In Moonrise Kingdom the Khaki Scout Troop is located at Camp Ivanhoe. The troop is led by a naive, but sweet man named Scout Master Randy Ward (Edward Norton). Although he is a math teacher, his real job is leading these boys. He loves and takes pride in his job.

When one of his troops goes missing, he begins an island wide search party. The missing boy, is orphan Sam Shabusky (Jared Gilman). Though Sam is not a favourite among the troop, the boys do help in the rescue.

If we find him, I’m not going to be the one who forgot to bring a weapon.

Each scout has a distinct personality and nickname. The four main troops being: Lazy Eye (Charlie Kilgore), Redford (Lucas Hedges), Roosevelt (Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick) and Skotak (Gabriel Rush). Over on the main camp is Cousin Ben (Jason Schwartzman), who helps the troops out in a dire situation.

Although each scout member has to wear a uniform, they personalize it with their accessories and badges. Sam wears a fur hat, his mothers brooch and keeps his sleeves rolled. Even the boys weapons are different from one another, some choosing the more conventional knives and machetes, while others create their own.

This is the perfect way to look at fashion, especially if you are in uniformed places. There are always ways you can stand out. The Khaki Scout uniform is all beige with a pop of yellow in the collar. Instead of using a scarf, I opted for a big, bright necklace, adding a more personal touch to the outfit.

Khaki Scout Troop
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