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Moonrise Kingdom Fashion – Captain Sharp – Get The Look!

Captain Sharp is the sad and lonely police captain on the island of New Penzance Island for the hit movie, Moonrise Kingdom!

Sharp, portrayed by a coiffed Bruce Willis, is introduced when Sam Shakusky runs away. His job is to search the island for the boy, and eventually Suzy Bishop.

At the beginning of the film he is seen as sad and sort of pathetic, but as the movie continues he finds his footing and learns his place. His story is one of the more redeeming plot lines and his character grows on you through the movie.

His uniform is straightforward. White blouse, tie and black pants. In typical Wes Anderson fashion, the pants don’t extend to the ground but expose most of the sock.

Keeping with the uniform theme, the black high-waisted pants end right above the ankle. The color blocked shirt has a cute bow tie and the retro shoes add a vintage look to complete the outfit.

Captain Sharp
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